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Mar 29, 2021

In a fascist near-future, Jane has eight days to take a world-saving thumb drive through an apocalyptic nature walk. Meanwhile, an unpurged newscaster tags along. It’s the episode with the personality of that weirdo in the elevator.

Invictus - 2018. Dir: Angie Rowntree

Feb 22, 2021

When Ed and crew seek a pardon for ex-pirate Serena, The Governor of Jamaica asks them to kill a Chinese Pirate Empress first. Will they defeat enough pixelated monsters to complete their quest? Will you look up “cephalopod” to complete this episode? It’s our review of the film that has more stereotypes than...

Jan 25, 2021

Wannabe pirate hunter, Ed Reynolds and crew face off against an immortal swashbuckler. Moreover, a cadre of pixelated skeletons just have a lot of feelings right now. If a ship floats through Sword Scabbard Island, does that make it a wide-berth canal? It’s the episode that’s ballistic for the ship gunner.

Pirates -...